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Products are made of wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials. With strong production capacity, advanced technology research and development, and rigorous quality management, we provide customers with high-quality, safe and intelligent, environmentally friendly, efficient, and durable products. We have reached cooperation with many well-known companies and our products are exported to more than 160 countries and regions.

At Crushstone Crusher, We Treat You Like Family

Crushstone Crusher started as a family business with a rich heritage going back more than 100 years. Crushstone is still a family-owned business today, operating from that same rich heritage. A heritage that puts customers first, and treats you like you’re one of the family, with unsurpassed service and support, long after the sale, to make your job easier and your business more profitable.

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Crushstone contributes its own strength to sustainable development, and is committed to the development and manufacturing of environmentally friendly, safe and intelligent equipment.

"Team Crushstone parts availability is great! If they don't have it, they get it in a reasonable amount of time. They understand that you have to be up and running and that you can't afford down time."

— Tim Tower

"Crushstone is a quality product. We are able to run as efficiently as any crusher in this business and we're able to make a spec product that always keeps our customers happy."

— John Wohlwend

"Anyone looking to purchase a crusher needs to see Crushstone Crusher work. Then they need to go watch someone else's crusher. They need to watch the scale to see how much product Crushstone puts on the ground. At the end of the day, that's what it's all about. "

— Ken Rice

"Crushstone is second to none on availability and on service. Crushstone has a strong back bone when it comes to service, after hours, holidays, they're always available anytime I call."

— Sam Power